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Research Awards Overview

April 2017 Awards Overview

In April 2017 (FY 2017), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grant for American University researchers.

PI: Ulysses Sofia

College of Arts and Sciences-Physics 

Title: Investigations in Astrobiology: The Origins of Water and Pre-Biotic Organics

Sponsor: National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA

Funds: $152,905.00 

PI: Anastasia Snelling 

College of Arts and Sciences-SETH 

Title: Healthy Schoolhouse 2.0 Teachers and Parents Working Together to Improve Student Health 

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture 

Funds: $900,000.00 

PI: Cristel Russell 

Kogod School of Business-Marketing 

Title: E-cigarette marketing and influences on youth 

Sponsor: Institut National Du Cancer 

Funds: $30,000.00 

PI: Charles R. Lewis 

School of Communication-Investigative Reporting Workshop 

Title: General Operating Support 

Sponsor: Democracy Fund 

Funds: $500,000.00 

PI: Christopher Palmer 

School of Communication-Center for Environmental Filmmaking 

Title: Program Support 

Sponsor: Wallace Genetic Foundation, Inc. 

Funds: $50,000.00 

PI: Nora Bensahel 

School of International Service 

Title: Adaptation Under Fire 

Sponsor: Smith Richardson Foundation 

Funds: $150,000.00

PI: Anastasia Snelling 

College of Arts and Sciences-SETH 

Title: Nutrition and Physical Fitness Bureau (NPFB) - Survey Instrument Design Training 

Sponsor: District of Columbia Department of Health 

Funds: $9,679.00

PI: Kim A. Ball 

School of Public Affairs 

Title: Project to Collaborate with Legal Aid to Support Public Programs

Sponsor: Public Welfare Foundation 

Funds: $50,000.00 

PI: Diane Singerman 

School of Public Affairs-Government 

Title: Urbanism in the Middle East and North Africa: The Regional and the Local 

Sponsor: Ford Foundation 

Funds: $700,000.00