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Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2013—2015.

Upon coming to AU, I knew I wanted to study the intersection of policy and law.

Lexi Ivers SPA/BA’18, is using her personal experience and current coursework to prepare her for a career fighting for foster children in the U.S. Ivers was just 16 when she began working with at-risk youth in the foster care system of Philadelphia. She knew at that time she wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the system, and she dreamed of changing it. Read Lexi's Story »

Showing my students how to learn from research has been an important tool.

American University School of Public Affairs Assistant Professor Tricia Bacon has been recognized by AU for her excellence in teaching and research as part of the annual University-wide teaching and research awards.

“Research helps illustrate many of the points I make in my classes and it serves as a way to connect theory and impact," said Bacon. Continue reading »


Federal Hiring Freeze Policy Explainer

President Trump issued an across-the-board employment freeze for the federal government on January 23, halting hiring for all new and existing positions, with few exceptions. Watch as the Director of SPA’s Key Leadership Program Patrick Malone, an expert on federal government issues, weighs in and talks about the freeze.

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17 books published by SPA faculty in 2015-16

100 published academic journal articles written by SPA faculty in 2015-16

5,000 plus SPA media mentions in 2015-16

A small child staring at a hand gun within reach on a table.


High-profile Mass Shooting Incidences Associated with Improved Gun Safety at Home

In the wake of high profile shootings, how do the parents of young children respond with regard to guns in the home?

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SPA Dean Barbara Romzek, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and WCL Senior Associate Dean Lia Epperson.

On Campus

Luxembourg Forum Featuring Prominent Judges from the United States and the European Union

American University’s School of Public Affairs and Washington College of Law cohosted the Academic Conference of the 2017 Luxembourg Forum on April 21.

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Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City

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AU School of Public Affairs in the Media

  • Research from Seth Gershenson, SPA associate professor, was featured in a Washington Post article on the benefits of diverse faculty in high schools.

  • Paul Bledsoe, SPA adjunct professorial lecturer, spoke to The Hill about corporate pressure on the Trump administration to stay in the Paris climate deal.

  • Karen O'Connor, SPA distinguished professor, spoke with the Los Angeles Times about North Carolina's efforts to ban same-sex marriage.